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Why practicing self-care while working from home is a must

While self-care, exercise and mental health are not new notions, they have taken a whole new meaning in the year 2020.

The Covid-19 pandemic and adjusting our lives to it has forced us to experiment with new routines and all of a sudden most of us find ourselves working from home. How we take care of our physical, emotional and mental health while we work from home indefinitely will play a very important role on our well-being and the quality of our work as well.

It is imperative that when we work from home – we are comfortable in our new space. One should take time initially to set up the right home office. Setting it right in the first place will help prevent backaches and even eye strains. By finding the perfect sitting position we not only avoid muscoskeletal disorders but also increase our cognitive engagement.

Taking care of four key factors will help you considerably improve your WFH performance.

Light It Up

If you have a good source of natural light in your home, select that spot to set up base. Research indicates our sleep cycles and even our hormones are positively affected by natural light so it makes the most sense to choose this spot. It will help alleviate your mood and work performance as well.

A Quiet Spot

Working from home has its own set of challenges, so to make this transition as smooth as possible, one should dress up like they do for office and find a quiet spot away from the distraction of TV and children if possible. This will help in staying in the right state of mind and finding your focus.

Check Your Posture

Nothing kills productivity like bad posture does. Remember that bad posture still counts when you work from home, and that how you sit today will shape your body forever. It’s important to choose a chair that supports your body even when you are working from home. A recent study has proven that the right chair can influence cognition and your body’s ability to handle stress.

Treat yourself

If you have already invested in a height-adjustable desk for your health, then nothing like it but if you don’t have one you should remember that for each hour worked, we should spend 30 minutes standing. Also, if you have hesitated to purchase a good height adjustable desk for your home-office, you should consider it now. Other family members can also benefit greatly from this buy.

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