Colours in the workplace

Colour is a key component in many aspects of modern life, and not just in the workplace. From the colour of your car or phone to the shirt you put on in the morning, we all make decisions – whether conscious or subconsciously – as to what we want to see and how it makes us feel.
As office furniture experts, we know that office colour psychology not only affects the way people work and how productive they can be, but it also affects how visitors perceive and evaluate your business, so it is essential to choose the right colour palette to adequately present yourself to both employees and visitors.

What is Office Colour Psychology?

Office colour psychology focuses on our subconscious reactions to various colours in the office environment, which can influence behaviour, emotion and state of being. Certain colours can help improve our productivity and well-being, whilst others work against us, severing focus and interrupting our general flow.

This article explores the primary colours and their overall impact on the human psyche.

White represents purity – definitely a safe choice but can also equate to boring and uninspiring. It’s a nice idea to use white but always keep it at a minimum.

Black emits feelings of authority and control, but it can also absorb natural light. It can create a space of luxurious elegance when used as a complementary accent.

Green represents balance and growth. It’s a colour which reconnects us to our natural surroundings. The best way to introduce green into your office space is via green walls and potted plants.

Blue is often associated with depth and stability – it communicates a genuine and reliable outlook while boosting relaxation, intellect and trust. Probably the safest colour to use in the workplace.

Red invokes passion and increases energy flow. However, more times than not, red can be overpowering, potentially leading to headaches when used in abundance in the workplace. Red seems to work best for furnishings, acting as a highlight whilst giving interior spaces a nice bit of flavour and spice. Apparently, it also enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and can also increase blood pressure!

Yellow – the happy colour – is said to be one of the best colours for teamwork as its bright tone can raise positivity and happiness. It stimulates mental activity as well as muscle energy!