About Us

Who We Are

Established in 1998, we have aimed to generate human-centered solutions for contented offices with ergonomic and functional designs.

Dimensions Office is Pakistan’s leading furniture company with the core-value to create spaces that enrich businesses and lives around the world.

We are a family company currently employing nearly 170 blue-collar and 52 white-collar and management personnel at our factory and product show-room, collectively.

Shaping the future of work spaces in Pakistan with its vast knowledge and expertise, Dimensions Office maintains a comprehensive and impressive client base with satisfied companies from across all industries.

The knowledge acquired over time, the experience, and the support of our customers and friends make us look forward to the future with energy and motivation to create increasingly attractive, functional, and innovative designs.

Today our furniture is present in renowned offices, public buildings, hotels, restaurants, and private residences across the country.

Our Process

Dimensions Office has embedded new heights of technology with brilliant craftsmanship to attain excellence in furniture production. With a steadily growing annual production of furniture. We cater to an increasing demand from its Karachi-based manufacturing facilities.

With an indigenous advantage of being located in the port city and commercial hub of Pakistan, our manufacturing plants now house state-of- the-art machineries, acquired from the best wood-working machinery manufacturers from Europe.

With upgradations being done yearly, the facility has now become one of the most technologically advanced manufacturing plant in the region.

Our systems are powered by SAP software allowing for the total optimization of our business operations thereby enabling control over all internal processes and eliminating chances of errors.

We are now also in the process of adopting CET by Configura. CET is the integration of existing IT systems to import and export data. It helps reduce the time required to process a quotation, design an office space, and get renders for all our products in a much shorter time period- from days to hours to minutes!

This real-time feasibility of easy design changes on the go, as specified by the clients, can improving customer service through omnichannel experience and also so they can allow the designers to preview any customisation and changes with faster response. Also meaning better quality proposals and accurate ordering to the T.

We take great pride in being the sole official distributors of Merryfair Chair Systems in all of Pakistan.